Cheque given for joint development returned stating stop payment

Sir I have purchased a flat in that the the land owner given me a uds in my name and the same land owner given power of attorney for construction his property to one promoter / builder to develop his property After the promoter got the approval for construction I entered Into construction agreement he allotted me a flat in first floor with separate car parking In meantime I paid him huge money in cash and collected the receipt from him But due to some circumstances the promoter unable to develop a property The land owner now engaged with one new promoter and started construction the new promoter asked me more money for that flat by I told will not pay I told now I don't want a flat booked here return my money what I paid to u and ur old promoter After a long discussion we all came to a point that the land owner/new promoter will pay me the amount Then we all entered into a joint development agreement that the old promoter has no objection for the development of this project by new promoter and I too told that I too have no interest in keeping the flat and uds in my name Also I told I will not interfere in the development of the project and I received and advance cheque from land owner/new promoter and huge amt of pdc cheque on that day The advance cheque has been passed from my account and after some days the land owner also cancels the power which is registered in the name of old promoter and also the new promoter/land owner returns the huge amt cheque by statement STOP PAYMENT by drawer After that I contacted the land owner but it's of no use he have given any response again I tried to contact the new promoter but this phone is switched off and when I phisically when I visited his office has been moved off and when I tried to contact the old promoter its of no use he is not in town at all and nobody knows where he has gone. Now pls help me how to recover my amount or property.