FIR against wife and family and how to win case without paying alimony or maintenance charges

Dear Sir, I was married in Dec 2016. My wife is from Bulandshahr. My wife is not good as she is not fit for sex and had different sex and other diseases. His family filed cases under 498A, Domestic Voilence(DV Act) and other cases. The Bulandshahr court had ordered me to pay Rs 8000/- as maintenance charges to her. Although i did not pay it to my wife till now. Now his brother is threatening us in the court by saying abuse words. His family had come to settle the matter by paying lumpsum money but they are demanding Rs 15 lakh in this settlement. I am from middle class family and we cannot pay this amount to them. We had talked to them and told them to pay 3-4 lakhs plus they can take up the items away they had given in the dowry but they did not agree on this and asking to pay again and again Rs 15 lakhs. Also her brother is sending police to my home by taking unusual methods. a) How can we file FIR against her family and wife? b) How can we win the case/ settle the case without paying maintenance charges? c) Please tell me the way to settle the matter and end the cases in one time settlement of Rs 3-4 lakhs. d) We want to take action against her family and her brother for thereatning us and speaking abusive words as we know that speaking abusive words and threatning anyone is a crime in the Indian Law. We want to put 'MaanHani Daava' on them for speaking abusive words and threatning us. e) How can we put 'MaanHani Daava' on them and how much does it cost in terms of lawyer's fees, court fees etc?. Please answer the question in hindi as i want it to read to my mother and she did not know English.