I need help in my family case ( FIR 498, 323, 504, 506, 406, 494,Dowery 3,4.) I am hopeless sir Resp

I am here to share my concern from which my family and I am suffering a lot. I live in Ahmedabad. My Marriage was done in April,2018 in Gorakhpur. (In my marriage I didn't take any single penny dowery). After coming my wife she used to tell me to live seperate with her. But as I told her to stay with family she used to quarrel with my parents, brother and even me too. And She left for her parents'home for 2 times without my permission for 1-1 year each. Her used to tell me that to live sperate from my family. If I want to live with her daughter. After this my parents suggest me to live sperate for her peace. But she didn't acknowledge anything and keep quarrelling with my family. I have bought a home on loan for her but she still not satisfied with anything and always doubted me. In June 2021 she left for her house without informing me. My my parents frustrated with her behaviour towards them and my brother so they notice on paper that they want to continue any relationship with both of us. They have published the notice in local news paper in January 2022 and abscond me and my wife and broke all relationship. Due to this ill behaviour and this harrasment by my wife I have filed divorce petition in Odisha family court in starting on November 2022 and it was admitted in mid November and summons of courts has been sent to my wife current place. Coincidence my parents and brother was in my native. My wife and her family recieved the court notice and went to my native and threaten to file case towards my family and given life threat. And they filed FIR u/s 498, 323, 504, 506, 406, 494,Dowery 3,4 in December 2nd 2022 on me and my family. My family are living in threat and I don't have have any connection with my family. Me and my entire family have life threat in UP. So we can't go there. Update till date in case :- 1. After filing FIR I have consulted a lawyer he suggested to file Anticipatory Bail so I filed it in December. 2. I and my family has file AB as suggested by lawer but My and my parents Anticipatory Bail got rejected in 7 Jan 2023 in Single order as they stated the FIR is same. 3. We didn't receive any 41 A notice. I don't know whether chargesheet has filed or not. 498a:- while quarrelling she harmed herself in ear in 2021 and I have done all medications of that 323:- 504:- 506:- 406:- 494:- Not any second marriage I did. As one of my colleague image she submitted. My colleague is already married and she has kid too Dowery 3,4:- No money taken in my marriage My Question:- 1. Can my family, Brother and I arrested on basis of FIR ? 2. As my family and my AB rejected by session court what should I do ? 3. What is Police procedures while investigation and chargesheet ? 4. How can we save ourselves from arrested? 5. What is court procedure in my case ? 6. What about my divorce petition whichever I have filed after that FIR lodged? Continued........1/2