Want to divorce from wife but she is not ready and i want custody for kids for their betterment

I have married for 12 years. After marriage she never prepared breakfast for me and lunch according to her mood but I didn't make any complaint till 5 years and in between I am blessed with baby boy and then she started her unusual care less behavior. She started drinks. Till the time ok but when it comes to my kid. I used to go early to office but she never came home after party. She started regularly parties and to go out to meet people outside. With whom she is I m not aware. And sometimes she is missing for two day and her phone is switched home. Gradually she started blaming me by saying u have extramarital affair or something. We started fighting on every small things. I was giving everything to her what I can afford. But still she was creating issues for me. After that I called her uncle at our place and then she was shifted with kids (after 2nd baby) at my parents place in Himachal pradesh. But she didn't want to stay with them. Always make complaints and she always run from my family place and switched off her mobile and then again come back. This became ongoing process and I was not able to understand what should I do. It's been 4 years I don't sleep with her no physical relations with her and I never ask with whom she is going. Now from last one year she is totally out of control. I asked for divorce but she is denying and asking for 20lacs rs. Sometimes she is ready but with money and kids. She is uneducated and can't teach them neither sits at one place to take care of kids. She just love herself. Form last 10 days on 30th nov, she went away with her 2 married sisters with their kids and these ladies had male friends for new year party. They brought the kids after drink at 1am from Himachal to chd. And no information to myself and to my family her sister's husband called me and told everything and I called her number of times that where ever u want to go u can but send back the kids safely at home but she didn't listen and kids were suffering due to her and one week she made us foold but kids didn't come back I went to her parental palce and spoke to her uncle, all of them were calling and msging her but she didn't response , next day she sent the kids in a car but these ladies didn't come and now it's been one 13 days she is out of home and no affection for kids. Moreover I want divorce and I have lost my all money in business due to her as I opened a shop for her but she was always out of the business for her own enjoyment andy business ruined and i have given 3.5lac res to her sister and she lost 1.5 lac in gambling which I had to pay and to protect her parental property I have almost given 8 to 10 lac rs. Now I my kids are staying at my parental place. I want to file divorce. She doesn't deserve any alimony bcz she wasted my life as well and my kids. I don't feel love for her and don't want to spend my life with her. How can I get the divorce.