Dear Sir, I got married to at 2018 and we are living separated for past two years. we weren't been sexually active for two years in our three years of married life. I am bisexual, but being not very clear with my orientation I got married. Still I had affinity towards guys. But even she wasnt sexually attracted towards me. We have a kid of 4 yrs old. We do live in a same area on different lanes, She s demanding for mutual consent, where my heart is still not ready to give divorce. My idea is to approach this psychological and make her understand what bisexuality is. I had access to the kid and but recently am denied . They behave Abusive and provoke me and act as if i have physically Attacked them. Kindly guide me on the following: I desire to have access to my kid without hinderance, if I am ready to give mutual consent. I cannot give maintenance to her since shes working and equally earning like me. The kid is so attached to me, as it restricts to go back when he visits me and returns. So i need not have hinderance to meet ma kid. Also explain me What is mutual custody What is visiting rights will the kid be allowed to be with me for vacations if court decides. How much maintenance should i be paying for the kid if we get mutually divorced and till what age should i pay for him.