Division of property

Hello, Myself Dr Ravi Ranjan My grandfather has 3 son. My father is the eldest one. My grandfather has more love and affection for my youngest uncle and middle one. My grandfather has 22 kattha (1 kathha is equal to approx 125 gaj) which he inherited from his father. Apart from this, he has land which is on her mother's name (she passed away later) and doing farming on them. Problem is, my grandfather has started selling land without letting my father knows about it. My grandfather don't like my father even he hates him. My grandfather doesn't want to divided land equally as he has love for my youngest uncle. My grandfather and my both uncle are against my father. My grandfather is ready to divide property in two half rather than 3. When my father go to talk to my grandfather, he don't wish to talk as he already said "तुझे कुछ नही मिलेगा". Can my grandfather divide property without my father's intervention in it. My father is frustrated and it cause chaos in my family. This issue is getting complicated day by day and it affects my studies and mental health too. Is there anything in our hand so that we can claim our share?. My father don't work anymore. If I get admission in mch course( super speciality course in medicine), i will definitely need money so can I claim to sell as my grandfather don't wish to sell?