Credit Card Issue

There was a due for credit card payment and for dispute i asked them to go in court of law to recover the payment. It was also because of I was with no work for long period and I was not able excess interest they were asking on that time. Some how my income start but it is not yet up to mark where I can pay my debt + big big interest. Almost 6 year gone when I made last payment. In these 6 yrs I had to change almost 7 Job and from varanasi to Pune then Delhi and now at Ghaziabad. Since last 7 to 8 month i started getting call from recover agent time to time and I always ask them to take legal action as I do not have any detail and also this is now become more bigger amount because of heavy interest in credit card. Today when I refused them that this is not person who they are tracing they called me my brother's daughter to ask my no.. they also called my land lord of Ghaziabad who is working in Aligarh. and they also called to my land owner' brother saying they have one courier to deliver me. Now I do not how they got no of these unknown people to them and how they can call me. I know that after 3 yrs nothing can be done against any financial recovery (but truly saying this is not the reason i denied to repay in 2009). If they can not take any legal action how they can call like this for any recovery. Tell me what action I can take against bank because I have no address of agents. Bank is Bank of Baroda.