Child Custody

Me and my wife got married in 2010. Our son was born in 2011. He is 4yrs old now. On 06 Apr 15 my wife left my home with the kid on marital discord. But on 08 Apr 15 I was called to her relatives home and asked by her father to take away the child in her presence. This she has admitted in her divorce petition too. For the last six months i have been sending her SMS and emails requesting her to call and talk to the kid. But she did not responded. This was observed during the mediation process in high court. After that she made a police complaint that i have taken the child forcibly from her and she want him back. But since she has admitted in her petition earlier that her father asked to give away the child she had done so, I have quashed the complaint.police also could not do anything. now she is asking the mediators to give her back the kid to her. But I am firm in my decision that i want the custody of my son since she neglects him and it was already admitted by her. Now i want to know if she files for any interim custody of the child will the court ask me to hand over the kid to her. He is studying and iam the one looking after him all these months. He is so attached to me and has refused to go with her during one of the couseling sessions at high court.