Maintainance with harrassment case

My wife has filed a maintainance case just after I lost the ex-party divorce filed by me. She had been harassing me and indulging me in putting me and my father in lock up just for small issue. Every time she humiliated us in front of her parents who had the habit of poking nose in petty matters. She used to make false allegation against me in front of everybody. So I had to file divorce case which I lost due to insufficient cause of cruelty. Now she has filed maintainance case from my matrimonial home. Even after so much of cruelty she had been doing to us, she is well looked after by my parents. I used to send money at home so that I could help in running the family . My daughter is studying in one of the finest ICSE schools and presently is in ix std. All those expenses is borne by me alone. Next when I came to know that she is trying to put me in trouble, I started sending money in her account as proof so that she can't deny. But things just changed, despite looking after my daughter and sending money for them, she has involved even my daughter's name in the claim and the court instructed me for interim maint. despite she still is in my matrimonial home. I am paying the money in front of the court every month since then, but now they have appealed for warrant issue of arrest because according to them much of the amount is outstanding. I am worried. How can there be maintainance case when she is in my matrimonial home and when I had been giving money for them? And now the court has directed me to pay the dues by 6th nov15. How can I manage the amount I don't know. She says and often threatens my parents that she would entirely spoil my life and my govt. Service. My parents are on the verge of retirement and mostly scared if she really misuses the women oriented law and put us in trouble. Please help as my advocate is least bothered in what may happen.he is only hoarding his fees and stretching the span of the case. But now she has claimed that I had not