Property ownership/ dispute

Hi there, Good day. My friend has been sending money from overseas and the family has purchased 2 plots and built house on one plot. My friend's father have sold one plot without friend's knowledge. Both plots were purchased in the name of his father as my friend was not able to come to India for registration. Now the money received by selling the plot was not completely given to my friend. He was only given a small amount saying they could only manage to sell at a lower than market price. My friend wanted to hold the plot for a longer period. After this issue was discussed at family, now my friend would like to protect his other plot and the house which was built on it (of course) this also on his father's name. He requested to change the ownership to him so that it won't be sold without his approval. But the father is not willing to transfer the ownership. The father contributed very small amount in buying this plot but the whole house and subsequent improvements were all been done using the money sent from overseas by my friend. My friend is married and have a child. They are largely dependent on this property as this is the only investment for their future. Please advise the best amicable solution to this problem. Thanking you in advance.