ZERO FIR filed under section 498A, 406, 420, 468, 471, 34

The matter relates to Zero FIR, FIR filed in one state in India against in laws by girl under section 498A, 406,420, 468,471, 34 residing at other state in India. Now the FIR is with the Police station in whose jurisdiction in laws of girl stays. The police officer of that police station again wants to take statement of complainant before taking any action. However same is already there at the time of filing zero FIR. Case Story : Girl has filed a complaint for mental harassment. dowry demands and she was trapped in bad marriage where a false certificate of marriage was obtained before the actual marriage date by representing wrong facts in front of Registrar of Marriage. Further to get out of marriage and she has also filed a divorce petition (on the grounds of nullity of marriage as marriage has not been consummated because of impotency/gay of bridegroom as the reason known to the family of bridegroom and hence a false certificate was incorporated so that the girl could not move out of marriage if known before actual marriage took place) Below are my questions for which i need your legal advice? Does she has mandatory to go that police station (where in laws stay) for further action. How many times she has to visit. Will there be arrest of in laws to be done by police What will happen to that FIR,if she does not visit the police station Whether and when she can apply for transfer of the case. When and how such cases come to end.