Failure to repay sum borrowed

I will briefly summarise the events for your understanding. I initially lent a sum of Rs 7,00,000/- in year 2020 to a known accomplice for a promised return of principal and monthly interest documented on a stamp paper, however the agreement is not registered with the notary. During the initial months the promised interest was credited without any default. Thus, on subsequent verbal requests, I transferred another seven lakhs in parts without any legal agreement but the transactions are reflected in my bank statements. I also came to know that the money was employed to dabble recklessly in share market. Soon afterwards, he started to default on his monthly instalments that was promised to me in accordance with the terms of our agreement. Meanwhile, on a personal visit to his hometown, I came to know that the he has borrowed large sums of money from several other fellow colleagues and has defaulted with them too, similarly also failed to pay his EMIs to NBFCs. His current income is meagre to support the loans payments and personnel expenses. However the individual owns shared property. Currently, I am seeking legal recourse to recover the funds and seek legal advice to protect myself in case he takes any extreme move owing to a large debt burden. Clarification are sought on the following: 1. The legal process I should initiate to recover my funds even partially? 2. Is there any legal means to compensate for my loss via seizing his assets? 3. The precautionary measures I should take to safeguard myself in an event of him taking any drastic steps? Thank you in advance for your help with this matter.