Chances of Conversion from Interim to Anticipatory Bail and FIR Quashing

Hi Esteemed Lawyers, I've been facing a false allegation of 376-2(N). I were in relationship with a girl since 2 years and in live-In relationship post our engagement since 6 months . Before 1 month of marriage it got called-of and girl has filed a fake rape case against me. I've proofs of Girl asking for calling of the marriage and Pictures from our multiple trips from past also, the booking receipts of wedding shopping, Wedding Venue, Jewelry, Honeymoon flight tickets and Hotel reservations. Presently I've been out on Interim Bail from session court. my queries are - What are chances of Interim bail Converting to Anticipatory bail, I've joined the investigation this week.. - Shall I go for FIR quashing or FR through Investigation officer. (Settlement seems tough due to her EGO) - My lawyer is restricting me and family to get in touch with IO, Shall we connect with IO directly or route it through lawyer only. Please please suggest the fastest and quickest way possible way out from this false allegation.