I want to file a family dispute case against my uncle(works in police)

My grandfather had property and FDs and gold and money in his name, after his death in 2022 July. my uncle took over all the money and didn't split it with my father. Now, I want to file a case against him and get half of the total amount to which I am legal heir. My father, doesn't have any information on the accounts & gold my grandfather had. My father has details of property but we don't have details of Account number or PAN card or gold locker. Also, if my uncle has removed all money from my grandfather's accounts as he had all the details, how can I trace those back legally? My father has not given consent to my uncle to do this. We don't even have my grandfather's death certificate. As my uncle refused to give us a copy of death certificate and adhaar card. My father don't want to file a case by himself as he is worrying about his brother being a police he may come out easily. My uncle has tortured him mentally and physically hitted him many times to get his sign. But he did not sign nor he wants to file a case against him. So I want to file a case by my self.