My girlfriend cheated me for her selfishness.

Me & my girl are from different states. We met online & slowly turned it up into a serious relationship. It's been 5years & she was constantly cheating me as we are at our own states(lying to me all the time, avoiding me & flirting with other men there). Then i met her & explained her everything & came back then she also use to come frequently to my place & recently in june we got married in temple unofficially & our first night is also over. Now she got bored of me inseams so she's left me & changed her number & non of their family members know me but everyone in my family know her as i proudly introduced her to all my family saying my wife and know this is what she has done. For every Worst thing of her, her mom supports & gives negativity to her. Now she left me & blocked me in all social sites & changed her number with her mom's support. Now what do i say to my family? we are from a highly reputed family. This shouldn't effect our family's reputation & status. Today i'm going to her place to talk to her parents but i'm worried if they do anything to me as it's a complete change of state. She is from north & i'm from south. If her parents do anything to me or don't even allow me to talk after reaching to their place can i go to police station & file a complaint? and take a constable with me to their house and explain everything to her parents? please help me out in this as soon as possible as i'll go to their place tonight. thank you.