Regarding of mutation of property

My wife has purchased 8 dismal land from another lady at Bounsi in Banka district of Bihar. After that, she applied for mutation online but the circle office rejected her application with the remarks that the area of land is 7 dismal. Then she applied for Parimarjan (rectification) online as per procedure with all concerned documents. concerned Circle office kept this application in pending condition upto 7 months whereas he should dispose off this grievance within one month. I visited the circle office many times during this period though I have no any evidence regarding visit. Then I on behalf of my wife lodged a complaint through Lokshikayat portal then Circle office replied that there is overwriting in Rakba (area) and Jamabandi number in Jamabandi Panji-II. I lodged a complaint for same grievance in first appeal. I tried to draw attention of Public grievances redressal officer towards mistakes committed by circle intentionally or unintentionally but She did not view my matter complaint rather she favoured Circle officer and referred me to appear before ADM Court. She did not hear about mistake commited by department due to which I have to suffer. Whereas custodian of this important register is probably Circle Inspector or Revenue clerk of concern Revenue thana. How this register was overwritten. I have to suffer for a long time due to departmental mistakes and I have been deprived of adequate public service. Kindly suggest/advice regarding this case what action I shoud have to take and what another option is availbale for solution of this case. In this regard I would like to intimate regarding some practical aspects of this though I have no evidence regarding these facts. 1. Probably Circle inspector made overwritten on concerned page when I lodged complaint against them. 2. Before purchasing of land I had checked Jamabandi-II and observed at that time there were no over written in concered page of Jamabandi Panji-II. 3. Indirectly there is practices of Dalali in Circle office. For any kind of public work like mutation/Parimarjan. Some times they challenge that if you don't expense Rs 2000/ as service charge(Bribe) then you might have to expense Rs 200000/.