Tobacco related law related to our upcoming business

Please do not take it wrong way that i am encouraging tobacco consumption. My idea is to start something similar to Chai point , kind of lounge which provides consumers tea and cigarette. Basically it will be a place where we will serve only tea and make sure that people who want to smoke can smoke in our so called lounge/place. It will be surrounded by 4 walls ,, closed off from public place, only smokers allowed, good ventilation, not serving loose cigarettes for sure. We just trying that smokers who smoke hiding from police on roads or their home somehow are encouraged instead to come to our place buy chai and cigarette , in pleasing environment. My concern was that Indian government only allows : establishment of smoking areas or spaces in airports, hotels having 30 or more rooms, and restaurants having seating capacity for 30 or more. On one hand we are making sure that people are not smoking in public place as defined by Indian law on other hand we do not fall under such establishment. Please advice. In the process of starting this kind of service we need strong legal team as part of our startup. Please do advice. Again i am not encouraging smokers but only ensuring that they smoke away from public place in our lounge/shop whatever it may be called.