Factories erupting chemical smoke from chimney causing disease

Hi Sir, I am residential of Hyderabad, leaving beside a factories like Steel plant, beed factory(Iron converting into finished goods), acid and chewing gum. These factories are erupting dangerous chemical smoke which creating various health problems. Some times during night they producing a huge products using dangerous material which makes huge noise and release smoke, they had a great advantage drainage beside the factories, where they are dumping all the waste material. Our colony people complaint several times to Municipality officer but no good response they might be addicted for bribe. These companies are started somewhere around in 1985 before the colony constructed. Colony got developed in 1990's and now thousands of families are living in that area. During night times unknown persons are gathering their and having alcohol and teasing the pedestrians. Some local politicians are helping them. So i request you to please help me with legal steps to be taken against them to move the factories. I would be great if i could get the response at earliest.