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My nanaji purchased a pice of land in ranchi from a hindu lady in 1981 but from 2006 on that land tribal case is going on and we have house built by my grandfather on that land after death of my grandpa my grand ma nani waslooking that case but few days before she passed away. I want to know who is responsible for looking case right now I have two maternal auncle elder is alive but younger died on 2006 hiswidow and children is alive children are mother is elder one and I have also one masima she is widow.propertywas not distributed because of case. Question is that how we all can make our right to liveortake share. I am grand daughtermeans natani, i spent my entrie life before marriage from here means my birth to education I have birth certificate voter card and adhar card also I got married in 2006 but I got divorced in 2015 unfortunetley I am home less, from this house my auncle and widow aunt get rent before it my grand mother and they donot allow me to live here what can I do