I offer $1500 DOLLAR from the full refunded amount

The company called ............ was developing a website for us. It needed to take 5 months the full development now we are almost 2 years further and they still did not finished developing. We was paying in peaces after each session was done we payd. we payd 4 sessions already total amount of 727.037,59 rupee. Because it takes very long and each time they say it Is finished the site does not work and is not finished alot of faults in it. We sayd to them give us a refund or a compensation or finish the site now but they never started the last session and they say we will not gave any refund or compensation they don't release the sourcecode what we already payd for because they had issues in company. They keep asking more money and threatening with deleting our sourcecode from server. We wanted the sourcecode of what already was payd for even if it was not completed. But now they keep asking more money actualy scamming us and they don't release payd sessions sourcecode Paid Amounts Milestone 1. Website UI DESIGN for service provider using Figma/Adobe XD. - €983.00- Milestone 2. PSD to HTML Conversion (Html, CSS & Slicing). - €3,003.71- Milestone 3. Website Admin/back-end development - €2,142.00- Milestone 4. Website Front-end development - €2,142.00. Total Paid - €8270 ($8390)- 727.037,59 rupee Milestone 5. Third party Payment API Integration €3610 they never started working on this milestone and now they still ask 500 euro for this milestone wile it never started. What we already payd is not even completed or working correctly and that are the earlier payed milestones What we want is a full refund or compensation with the sourcecode of what we already have payd for and a compensation for letting us wait for 2 years with development. we want a full refund because we don't need a website that is not finished and working! Actually they where scamming us for 2 years and keep getting payd. I hope your platform will help this kanoon get right. Because it is a big project we spoke always directly with the ceo I have every details of them names, website addresses there friends, there partners workers, platforms where they work on, pictures there office adress everything. What i want is a full refund. The first person that can get my refund back will recieve a part of the refunded amount as payment. Get my refund and get your amount out of it 1500,00 dollar it is ~ 131857,65 indian rupee is for you Maybe you will send a legal notice or go talk to them in person or go make police work out of it lodge a criminal complaint with jurisdictions police for fraud cheating and criminal breach of trust. Or contact some friends that will get the refund money back. Let me know. Iam trying this way before starting court. I will give there full info if someone is interested My email is [deleted]