Person borrowed 50L & not returned, filed 420

Known person borrows close to 50L in a span of 1yr in several multiple slots, he will make me take loans telling he is not eligible & gets it transferred, he borrows cash, borrows credit card, promises to give & keeps postponing, he gives 14L & stops giving, when comolaint was given - he gives 20cheques to cover the pending amount, when 1cheque bounces & fir was lodged under 420, will court help to recover money from accussed under 420 when under jc meanwhile accused borrowed money telling hel start a business & opened a interior company as an individual sole propreitor in march 2022, bt from sept 2021 to march 2022 - he hd already taken 70% of funds, in may 2022, he wants to privatise the company & asks me to become 1% director to get gst fr a pvt company which needs min 2 partners, without any contributions etc. however there was no business done under pvt company, he has exhausted all funds taken in th form of loan being luxurious etc & now he claims tht thr was loss in business & hence lost money he has no property, assets etc to proceed wth civil case 1. ir.respective of profit or loss or personal issues, hes liable to pay back my funds? 2. under 420 ipc, will court help to recover 3. what will happen if he fails to giv my money? 4. after coming out thru bail - can he abscond without paying back 5. how should i proceed now to get back my funds 6. he keeps promising as will earn & give & dsnt give anything 7. how long th case would last? 8. after several requests adking him to remove me frm 1% director, he has still not removed, can he stand by lieing tht th money he took was fr business as a partner? however money ws takn frm sept 2021 till aug 2022, i became 1% director in may 2022 plz advise,