Need informations to file a Case to International Bank of UAE

Dear sir, This is Malharsinh Rajput from Gujarat, I need below details regarding file a case against International bank of UAE,  Matter ->. I have worked in Dubai in one privet company and I have taken Personal loan from Barclays bank in Jun 2013 ,amount 80,000AED and instalment also we paying that time perfectly, after that in Sep 2013 I have return India due to my Bad health and from India also we paid all monthly instalments, Instead of my bad health or without Job  also we paying that installments and major amount spent in Bad health of me and Family then also we paying monthly installments in Barclays bank account, Suddenly in Nov 2014 we got call from Barclays bank & they told me to pay balance instalments in other bank because they ?are going for some changes and that time I asked few questions also but they told me to wait few days because Changes are going so documents and all things will take time so after written confirmations from Barclays bank you have to pay installments in Other banks as per written mail or confirmations and they provide New Loan account number as well inform new Bank name and then only will do payment on that bank or account only, After this discussion we wait few months but dont get any reply from Barclays so we sent one mail at May-June 2014 to Barclays regarding Mail confirmations and Balance payments or new Bank name as well New Loan account number and we try to open online account and try to contact to them but dont get any reply or response till today, And suddenly this End of September 2015 we ?got reply or call from New bank ADIB and his Legal Consultancy from Sharjah and they directly Told we are fraud and we have to Pay all amount urgently with Penalty otherwise they'll File a Civil case and then they sent many danger Harressement mails as well Mentally torching me and my Family and we told all these things but they always doing this and now they filing civil cas against me and told will send Recovery person's and they spoil my family reputations and file a case, such kind of they doing behavioer with us and we sent or told all things and we sent Discussion mails also but they don't want to settele and we requesting for Less or less Settelements because we don't have anything now then how can we pay? Barclays has not sent any confirmations in written mails or This New Bank also not inform use with such merger or not give any new account or not tell anything then where we can pay installments and how can we pay? Without Bank confirmations how can Customer will do further?  So request you to need full urgent basis sir, I am in trouble, I always pay instalments and due to Barclays issues am suffering now that's why need help or give guidance to file Opposite case against this new Bank or Consultant, We need help or good response urgently sir so pls guide us and help to file a Case aginst that new Bank or Consultancy also.. If you give your good contact then will contact also sir, Am in Gujarat and my home address is Bhavnagar city so have any one in this district then also reply us, I sent sms on our Whatsapp number, Thanks and we waiting for you sir, Thanks, Malharsinh Rajput Mo.?[deleted]