Denial Of Accepting The Confirmation Letter

Hi, I've Joined A Software Company 2 Months Back, I'm Not Liking The Work Culture And Environment here, So I Want To Leave Now. The Appointment Letter Had It Mentioned That During Probation Period I Can Leave With A Notice Period Of 15 Days And After Confirmation It Will Be Of 3 Months. The Standard Probation Period Is Of 6 Months And Company Hold The Right To Decrease It Or Increase It. Due To Similar Reason A Few Other Employee Left In Early Days. Looking At This, Company Gave A Confirmation Letter To Everyone Else Without Our Concern Or Any Discussion. The Confirmation Letter Was Handed To Us And Not Even Asked If We Agree Or Not And Any Signs. After This I've Resigned On The Very Next Day (Which Was A Holiday) Stating That I Do Not Agree With The 3 Months Notice Period Policy As I'm Not Liking The Environment Here And I'll Leave With 15 Days Notice. Now The Company Is Telling Me That, Call It Your Good Luck Or Bad Luck, You Will Have To Serve 3 Months Notice, Or Pay That Money To Get The Relieving Letter. So What Should I Do Now, Any Suggestions!! Apart From This, On Joining I Signed An Agreement That If I Leave Before 1 Year I'll Pay Back The Amount Of 2 Lac, Which They Are Going To Spend On Me For My Training. But After That, In The Name Of Training, For 4 Days The Team Lead (A Senior Employee In The Organisation) Simply Told Us What They Are Doing, How Much They Have Done Till Now, And What They Expect Us To Do. Also For Technical Side, They Opened The Web Sites Of Technologies Such As KnockoutJS, AngularJS Etc. And Told Us To Read The Whole Documentation And Ask Them If We Don't Understand Anything. And Later On, From The Next Week I Started Working On A New Technology, Without Any Training On That. Now HR Is Saying That Those 4 Days Are Their Training And On The Daily Basis What Our Team Lead Tell Us To Do Is Counted As The Training, So We Will Be Claiming That As Our Training Amount. Now I've Decided That I Wont Work For This Organisation Anymore, And Will Leave As The 15 Days To My Resignation Gets Over. I'm Looking For The Possible Options That I Have And Want To Know What Are The Actions That Can Be Taken Against Me By The Company. So That I Can Prepare My Mindset Accordingly. Apologies For The Long Post. Thanks In Advance.