Business partner / Investor asking for more and more money

I started my busines in July 2021 and took 3 lakh rupees from a Investor. I made him director in my business for 33.33 percent. Later on third partner was removed and we got on 50% basis. Now he is forcing me to pay 50% of the revenue or rs 50000 per month any how no matter my business runs or not, only in case he provides me with 10 lakh as investment amounting to rs 6 lakh per year minimum. He is a reputable person with a lot of political contacts and police contacts as well. They have been involved in a lot of indirect criminal activities where their names do not get involved and I don't want to mess up fighting someone at that level. I initially when took money told him that we would make profits, and he agreed to invest 10 lakh rupees as planned. But he just gave 2.30 lakh which I spent in the salaries. But then he refused me providing any more money and still wanted me to give him 50000 every month. He then started pressurizing me and always asks for more and more money. I have already given him rs 6 lakhs until now. He invested 2.30 and then 60k in October 2021 and until Oct 2022 I have given him 6.20 lakh back already. Now he is a partner and director on paper, and does not invest back. Never comes office and asks money at the month end. He also forced me to sign on a rough paper making me write that I will sell my house to pay him back, but I don't understand why I need to pay him so much and he just does not understand. He also recorded a video of me smiling and saying the same words on paper. Just recently, he made me sign two cash vouchers and they were blank. He just barged in and told me to sign those blank cash vouchers with stamp on it. He never have signed any legal documents or never comes to terms on paper. And the main thing is police won't help in his case. I fear if I have to sell my house even after providing him 3 lakh profit in just one year and without any further investment that he promised. Please advise what can be done in such case. If I make a court case I fear his goons will come and harm someone or me when I am alone. As same has happened with many others and no one has been caught ever due to the power he has.