My wife file 498,490 and 420 against me

I have many audio recordings in which my wife, brother-in-law and other lows members abused me using foul language. She is love to bother-in-law of her brother and gave my money many times to him without asking me. She keeps my money to him on my refusal and wrongly talks that so what and she warn to suicide herself. My parents caught her red handed while doing sex with him. Again warn to suicide herself and ready to fight to me with him and her brothers and threatened to kill me. she blame me to relations with girls and other bullshit rumour. His handicapped by right hand, she is illiterate and deceptively hiding married. They betrayed me to hiding it. Also, my wife kept some Black Magic material at home which i threw out and she kept arguing about it. they also feel that there is a danger of my life in Moradabad as my Brothrs in law and relatives are highly Influential people and there they have good political influence also.I am thinking about that it would be good after some time but my wife have filed sec 498,490 and 420 IPC against me now. What should i do now? Do i need to provide evidences now? Can I use audio recordings in court? What do i need to do in that case? can police arrest me? what is it require documents or evidences for me and my family?