Precaution to take against Domestic violence and Dowry case

Hi Experts, I got married on 12th Apr 2015.Both are working in IT company. We are working in Bangalore and our both parents are in our home Village. She is earning more than me. From the day of marriage we had lot misunderstandings and she has lot of ego over her earnings. She was not at all respected me. Also her mother always gives wrong picture about my mother. She always complaint my mother for small reason. She and her mother want to separate me from my parent and expecting me not supports my family financially. At one day she used some word against me and I’m not able to digest it till date. Even though I forgive and advised her. After some days we went to our village. I was not interested to go her home. But she compelled me to come. I strictly told I won’t come. She went to her home and called her to my home the next morning. But she refused to come. I begged her lot. I was depressed for her behavior. After a week I returned to Bangalore and after a day, she returned to our home. But I was not liked to stay with her any more. So I took my stuffs and staying in friend room. Now the problem she and her parents spreading the news that we demand her Jewel and they threatening my father that they will file a Dowry case and Domestic Violence case against us. Experts kind help to overcome this issue and what are all the precautions to be taken. Note : We didn’t demanded any dowry or jewel from their parents at any time. She wears 50 Sovereigns gold at the time of marriage. After a month she wants keep her jewel in her mother’s home and we didn’t opposed it and it is with his parent’s custody now