Revenue Department claming assigned land after 30years

Dear Sir/Madum, I have purchased a plot in a venture at Ameenpur Village (Servey No: 947/3) Hyderabad on 7th July,2015. Suddenly on 14th July,2015 early hours(3AM) Revenue department ( Medak District Joint collector) had demolished the entire venture nearly 150 houses which are under construction and some of them are ready for occupy stage. Revenue department claiming that venture land comes under FTL land. Below are details by verifying that land 1) As we have verified all phanies from 1954 year to 2015 years of survey no: 947/3 at Ameenpur. summary points from the phanies --- From 1954 to 1989 that land is classified as Shikam Sarkari land. --- In 1989 this land is assigned to Milatarty person under the ex-milatary category as cultivation land. -- In 2003 that milatary person has sold to a different person. ( He has all Pass books related this land) cultivation land -- In 2010 had applied for non- aggrecultar land by paying nearly Rs.25Laks ( I have verified the DD at bank and this DD was taken by Revenue department). With all this proof we have approached the Thasildar and JoinCollector (Medak District) and they were saying that above all these are fake. We are in stunning stage with all below points. 1) that to as surveyNo: 947 has total 17 aceras and this land divided and assigned to three military persons. If it is FTL land how land has been splitted and assigned to different Military persons. 2) If it is FTL land how registrations were happened and also converted into Non-Aggrecultre land. ( Transactions were happend in 2003, 2010 and 2015)? 3) After 30years Govt department claiming that as FTL land? And when we approached the Landlord, he saying that they have filed case in court. We are in such a situation what decision and how proceed on this. Please guide some direction on this. Becasue as document wise all proofs that land belongs to current land owner, but Govt claiming that as FTL land. Thanks, Venkat Majeti