Hi, I need your suggestion whta should i do, I got engaged in aug 2013 was about to get married in December 2014 but the girl ran away with different boy in oct 2014 so we cancel the engagement so i moved on with my life i dint file any case against there parents as i moved on my dad found one more girl for me and we got engaged in july 2015 and i told her what happen with me in the past that i had an engagment and the girls cheated my family and my reputation is gone so if wanna tell me anything about ur past u can tell, she told me there is nothing in past so we got engaged on 17 july 2015 but lately i came to know that the girl was alreay eneged in 2013 and she was in retaliation ship with a boy in november 2014 and still she was loving a different boy, now we have cancel the engagement but my reputation is gone , and i cannot have any normal life because 2 girls have cheated me i feel scared now, can i file a case against both the girls for cheating me and not telling me the truth before the engagement