RCR by Husband- he asked for mutual seperation later sent RCR

We got married in 2005 (Roman Catholic), were living in Hyderabad since then. I was not able to conceive till 2009 and went through lot of mental torture in the family. They sold their house, I supported them and wanted to save this marriage, through such painful scenarios of (sexual) relationship between us. After, my miscarriage in 2009- I moved to my parents place (Since I was not able to take the pain). Coz of too many debts, my husband also moved and asked me to shift permanently in Vizag. My parents are prayerful (Protestant - Christians) and I being a part of them with faith - waiting for a miracle. In 2011, we were blessed with a baby boy. Differences started and my husband never stood by my side . I am working and only my parents took care of me and my son. Later, My husband started visiting Hyderabad often, even though I was the prime bread earner. He was using all funds for his pleasure. He left with a fight, when my parents asked for an explanation- they complaint and since then my husband never came back. May 19th 2013- he deserted us- me and my son. Now, recently in June - my husband asked for a mutual separation after 3 years of desertion. I put forth my conditions and immediately their version changed... He says he wants me. and sent RCR on my name. How should we proceed... and what should I do...???