Property matter

I have purchased a property in Dec. 2003. The seller executed a SALE DEED in my favour of property measuring 122 sq.yds. The property was in 2 parts. Part A (67 sq.yds.) was in possession of Seller and Part B (55 sq.yds.) in possession of the other person (Seller introduce him as Licensee). Seller told me that I have taken a loan of Rs. 5 Lacs from him. As well as I will refund the loan amount, he will vacate the premises. After executed the Sale Deed, the seller handover me PART -A and taken some time to give possession of PART-B. After some time he left away and not in my touch. The second party shows me a Regd. GPA/AGreement to Sell/WILL (of the year 1997) in his favour of PART-B and denied to vacate the premises. He also executed a SALE DEED in favour of his wife in the year 2005. I have not filed any suit/ claim till time, b'coz of family burdons. Now the other Party file a criminal suit (420/468/471) against me for that his property involved in my SALE DEED. What should I have to do. Will you plz. guide me?