Fraudulent Non Payment

Sir, I had enrolled in a "Write Notes from Home" Programme with a company called Sintal Technologies which is based in Ahmedabad. They send you books and you have to copy them word to word in your own handwriting. To enroll into this program I have paid cash Rs.11900/- in the month of April 2014. I received two books and I completed the assignment in the stipulated time. When they advertise on the net - their website says one has to write about 300 pages in 25 days for the advanced program (Which I chose). When I actually received the assignment (After paying Rs.11900/-) they also sent an MoU which stipulated that I had to write 4,00,000 characters i.e about 550 - 600 pages of size A4. The paper, printing, pen, stationary and courier was all paid by me.The MoU states the rejection criteria like no cursive or blue pen only etc. Apparently my work did not fulfill all their criteria and it was rejected. When I spoke to them they said I will not be paid a penny nor will I get a second chance. I asked them about the Rs.11900/- and that money is refunded with your first payment. As I am not getting any payment - I should also forget about that money. It is as if I PAID THEM to do THEIR work. Do I have any legal right to claim my money back ? Thank you.