Ownership of a house on a banjar land in a ST area.

A general category women, married to a ST category men. They built a house in husbands tribal area on a banjar land. The ownership was titled in the name of the women, she also has the 'khatoni' duly registered under the land records of the state govt. It has been over 20 year since the hiuse was built. Now under the national highway project, the house will be demolished and the govt has allowed a proper compensation which was not yet assigned. Now, few persons from surrounding raising objection to the ownership of the women since she is a general category and the land is although banjar but within the tribal area. They opting to harass the couple who are now senior citizen living alone in house sometimes. The primary motive behind is to get the share in the compensation whenever it will be alloted. what is the issue i want to ask? 1. Is her right over the property is valid? 2. Will she be liable for compensation? 3. what is the statue of limitation on property right to claim? 4. How to stop the harrassment?