Where the jurisdiction falls in child custody case?

I was married in kerala in 2007 to a well educated man of Kochi area for promoting the language konkani.we are having a child too.The past 7yrs,he used to physically & mentally abused me (whenever he was at home),he used to abuse me for dowry too. Last june after some conversations with his mom,(He was at office that time) they throw me &my son out of the house,so after informing over Ph,to police there I came back to Chandigarh to my maternal house with my child. My son(6 yr)as petitioner filed case in April this yr.in Chandigarh,under R.T.E,& as maintenance for his expenses only.not for me,but in May,my husband filed 2cases there,Kaloor Family court(Kerala) for child custody & reunion. As the child resides in Chandigarh (for the past 1 yr),it is not possible for me to do up down with my child leaving his school to Kerala for the hearing.I want to know how the case from kerala can be transferred here,in Chd.& what action will court take if I'm declared Ex Parte.Is there any other benefit I can get which I have overlook. Kindly Advice.Thanks