Nuisance by the tiffin hotel beside my home

Hi Sir, a new Tiffen hotel emerged beside our home. This became a day full of nuisance as we are residing in our home, the hotel people are cooking dosa in the front of the hotel in open premise, this is emitting a lot of bad smell and moisture towards our home. Everyday many people are parking their vehicles in front of our home, we are not even able to get in or go out with our own bike. At the back of the hotel they are cooking all the items using firewood all the day even at night 9 pm. We are not able to able to breathe fresh air due to this. The smoke is entering into our home through ventilators and main door. Even we tried closing the back door full day. still the smoke is entering into our home and we are unable to do our work and don't have any peace due to this. Front and back both sides we have issue with this. We asked many times to the hotel owner and employees to cook inside and not emit any smoke as it is causing health issues for us. But they are telling its our wish we can do anything in our place.No action has been taken towards our problem by the hotel. We have been residing here since 13 years as it is our own property. They came here 2 months ago and not listening to any of our words. Their only response is do whatever you can. Please suggest me the best way to come out this headache.