Cheating by builder to bank and flat purchaser

Dear Sir, We are people working for people who purchase little home after working whole life by saving and such people cheated by builder in many ways.We are working on Builder Milind J Kedar,Bharti M Kedar and Jayesh Kedar,Red cross society,Paggad lane Ravi var Karan ka,Nasik.As. Per data collected by our team,Above said Kedar Family taken Loan as project loan on land for building bungalow,but with the help of bank they constructed Kedar Apartment.After constructing apartments builder sold 6 flats to innocent poor people (till she is living in sold flat illigaly) without taking बोजा/एन्ट्री on 7/12, property card,and search report.Also they sold one commercial Gala constructed in Kedar Apartment to two different people at different time,Till time Kedar builder did not paid loan and bank is going to seal Whole building with the misguided order of Collector Nasik in which Bank not produced paper in front of collector Nasik i.e 7/12/Property card on which already the name of purchaser/flat owner is there. In above six flat ,three flats are belong to people who spend their all hard money in that flat.If any one out of three flat owner who makes suicides,after sealing their flats the only one agency that is BOM is responsible with Kedar Builder.Our social forum requesting BOM to give punishment to Builder who is selling one property to more people, not to Innocent invester. {SPECIAL NOTE:All flates and gala purchased by purchaser after Legal notice in reputed local paper along with Search report there was not note of bank बोजा} Thanking You