Child custody

My name is Yogesh Sharma. I am a resident of Chandigarh, aged 45 years approx, a divorced father to two daughters of which one of my daughter is with my ex-wife, the younger daughter is with her mom herself named Tanya Sharma. The elder daughter resides with me. My divorce had been held in 2012, and me and my wife were seperated though it was said to be a mutual divorce. Respectively, both my daughters were also said to be in their mother's custody but as soon as the divorce was held both the daughters resided with me. When the divorce had been in process, before it, was my property that i named after my wife was given to her saying that it is just a formality and is just a mutual divorce, i named all my property on my wife's name and soon after that the divorce had been ordered. So, since now their mother had not returned, though i reside in their house, which she had told me to and said i would return in 2 months after some of her religious therapies that had to take place so she will be back and now it has been 8 months that she in not back home. One of my daughter she had taken but the elder daughter does not wants to go with her mother, because she is said to be married to some other person already now. But under the law my children seem to be in their mother's custody, which is not true, so now their mother does not even send my elder daughter's expenditure, and now they appear to be have totally cheated us. So, now what should be done in this case?