Many years ago ( 20 yrs or more) my mother had registered our house and the 5 cents land where it is situated in the name of my younger brother for the purpose of availing a loan for the renovation of the house. In the Registrar's office we (remaining 4 children ) gave our consent for the transfer. now our mother is not alive and we are settled in different parts of the state. My brother who got the house is married and settled in his wife's house as it was a precondition for his marriage. At present, the house is given out for rent. This is the house where we all are born and brought up. In all records our permanent address is tagged with the name of our house. The issue is that my brother is going to sell the house. We don't want to raise any claim but we want the house to be retained by him so that when any of us visit our native place we can stay there for a day or two. Is it possible? the property was in the name of our mother . Father was not alive when the transfer took place.