Quashing of false charge sheet

A false FIR was registered as counterblast against govt officials who filed complaint cases against the individual X in CJM court. X himself has purchased a govt land through an impersonator by forging records. Did agreement , sale deed and got mutation done in his name. On objection of govt officials the mutation in the name of X was cancelled and land was reverted back to govt. 1. The officials approached high court for quashing of FIR. Action was stayed but investigation by police continued. 2. Police filed a false chargesheet under pressure to implicate the govt officials who acted in the line of duty. 3. Govt officials again filed application under 482 in high court and asked for a fair CBI Inquiry in the case. Action of lower court was stayed keeping in mind the merit of the case. 4. All documentary proof of illegal purchase of govt land is available and filed before the hon'ble court. 5. Still no FIR is registered against X u/s 420 , 120 B etc... As police is not willing to register it. What is the possibility of :- (A) quashing of chargesheet by high court. (B) registering of FIR against X by police or by lower court u/ s 156(3). Thanks.