Agricultural land dispute, demarcation of land and owning a individual title.

Myself Anton J Farnandis, I would like to highlight the issue related to the demarcation of agricultural land at Khebavde village, Tal: karveer, Dist: Kolhapur. My elder brother (Rujay J Farnandis) has been asking for money regarding my agricultural land demarcation. Which we have paid, initially Rs 14000, and later again he requested for Rs 24000 which i transferred to his account (this money was requested for demarcating 2 acres of agricultural land) ,1 acre for myself and 1 acre for my younger brother (Pascal J Farnandis). I don't know how but he got his own 1 acre land demarcated and has been cultivating sugarcane crops for years now. Now even after paying so much amount, there were no any dates or appointments given for land demarcation for almost a year now, after asking him for explanations , he tries to divert the subject giving unnecessary reasons over the phone and also threatening you can file a case against me and now again he wants me to pay Rs 85000 to get the surveyors appointment else he says you won't get your land. I wonder who is the person behind this false practices telling him to do this. I am literally tired of this and as a retired govt. servant i cannot afford to pay any further, I trusted him as he is elder and he promised me that he will get the job done. But now i would like to know the proper procedure to get the appointment and fees to pay for land demarcation of 2 acres of land, We also have our agricultural land documents, I kindly request you to guide me through correct procedures and take actions against this malpractices. I cannot handle the stress as i have also gone through brain tumor surgery. Please help me as i do not want any problems within three of us and everyone should get their equal rights, complying to all govt. rules and regulations. This above information is translated and written by my son as explained by me. Thank you for your time. Regards Anton J Farnandis