Domestic violence, dowry harassment, non- maintenance and mental torture with abusive words and mess

I am a lady of 35 years old raised up in UAE foe 3 years and since 5 years in Kerala. My husband proposed ne while in UaE saying false background of the family and after marriage his mother, his sister , his brother in law and brother all were giving me mental tortures. Making fun of my father and brother , saying abusive words against my mom. His brother beat me and was also drunk at that time...His sister wrote abusive things on me to husband in Facebook messenger .She did all these while she was pregnant. And I left that house with my 2 year old son , 5 years back and since then I am taking care of my son expenses. These 5 years mynhusband has not supported us. I filed for divorce and now he is not willing to give it.And his mother is saying worst things via whataspp voice message on my mothers virginity and our fatherhood... Pls suggest me what should I do? I want these people to be punished severely under law for ruining my sons and my life.I don't want them to escape .. Kindly advice....I have even tried to commit suicide with my son.