Wife torturing me and my Mother

My wife torturing me a lot Sir, my marriage date 02.05.2022 after 3 days of the marriage she started torturing me. she always doubt me even if i speak with my own sister and cousin.Also if i speak with my office client and if she is a female my wife starts screaming at me and says that I shouldn't talk to any female. If i go to market and come back home, she will ask me several questions that why it took so much time, show me your phone. She also says that she wants my lie detector test to be done and if I try to explain her that it can be done only through court she won't believe me and start fighting with me. My mother is 58 and sick but still whole house work is being done by my mother. If i ask my wife to atleast help my mother she starts fighting and screaming on my mother too, she says that i am not your servant. The 1st thing she does every morning is to check my phone,if she finds any missed call or any unsaved number, she will ask whose number was that,why didn't you receive and even if I say her she herself would dial that number from phone and verify. If she calls me and I am unable to answer her call at first,she would start screaming at me. Even if I call her and try to cut the phone after 15-20 mints of talking,she would start shouting and start saying that you have affair with someone,so you are not interested in talking to me. I have had many sleepless night because of her fight,once she starts screaming and shouting whole night she continues like that. She even once pushed my mother forcibly and my mother got hurt in hand. After seeing all these things I installed cctv in my house but after she saw the ccctv she now says either you remove this cctv or I will commit suicide. She has made my life hell please advice me what shall I do.