My mom, is living with a man in living for many years and i was seperated from my father when i was small and my father passed away so i didn't know who's my father my mother that man who she's with and myself was together frm small i was in the boarding till my 12th and i thought enough of boarding and i was living in my house I'm doin my BBA 3rd year and everytime I come home for my hostel holidays that man and my mom have there personal space front of me in the night that uses to disturb me alots i found condom packet on the bed and they never bothered about my privacy still it is continuing and my mom abuses me with all the bad words and that man living in my house hass set a hidden camera for past months and noticing everything he didn't tell my mom about it until i did then when i told mum about him and he was misbehaving with me and set camera at home she shouted at him one day and the next day supported him and kept him still at home she needs that man more than me but now I'm very tired of everything she hits me and uses alots of words that effects my mind i have 6 more months to finish my degree but still I want to search a hostel but they r not allowing me to leave the house and causing problems I have no support from any of my family they are scared to interfere cause my mother causes problems in there family but I've already did some job but i was supposed to give my salary to them cuz I'm living with them now i want to leave home and I'm ready to stay in a hostel and work part time and pay my hostel and my college fee but now wat should I do exactly can u please help and let me know