My compliant register in CSR and i attend counselling after My husband gave the divorce notice.

My culture is different in my culture gents are living in wives house. He is takecare of his in-law as his own family . but my parent some concerns about my husband family he is child n don't have father now . so my dad sent me to his house but before the n on marrage time also they didn't speak about i have to stay with my aunts house my culture is default function is like that so were not used to speak . My dad send me to his house he takes advantages on me . doesnot give privacy and send me every time to my home to asking the dowry . He is working as train manager tortured me .This situation my mother get affected and she is taking treatment under the psychiatrist doctor . she is clearly written that son in law problem so she affected . he not picked my call since 10 months and his relatives no one not ready speaks with my parents . after we realized i went to station i gave CSR about him . they gave counselling but he is not response and always used bad things about my family . My marriage is fully demanded and dowry marriage. before 10 months his grandfather asked 10 lakhs for live with him . My family said we gave home for him to live he doesn't live here what all the things i used do i did for my soninlaw but after that also asked me like that my family said .In counselling i written statement i like to live with him at separated home he said no Quartres allocated for me he said . but he is working in railway department . He is says false statement against me I'm not not do any household in his home like this.... etc he says me .What should i do live with him . my only problem is my mother-in-law family members .