Divorce case

Woman in this case is living with her parents in UP and man’s parents are from Ahmedabad but man is residing in Germany. Court marriage was registered in April 2021. Woman went to Germany after getting visa in Dec 2021. Man’s behaviour was found to be feminine, childish and man refused to have marital relationship. He harassed and threatened her with dire consequences and forced her to go back to India separately and argued to attain mutual divorce. Woman came back in September 2022 and since then is Unemployment And living with her parents. Man and his parents didn’t initiate any legal process so far because man don’t Want to remarry and His parents have no societal And moral pressure. Woman initiated legal process in October 2022 and unable to conclude on this case. She is not getting right legal advice as she lives in small town and belong to humble family which has no legal disputes in past. Her objective is to close divorce in 6-8 months so that she can start her new life and if possible to get half of marriage expenses, maintenance etc. she lost her job in Germany due to husband issues. She is already 30 year old. Man’s lawyer intimidated woman by saying man want to file case in Ahmedabad as it can be Over in 6 months maximum. and her Lawyer told it will take 1 year or 1.5 year. She wants to know the truth about it? Man’s lawyer also told that man’s father will act as power of attorney and man need not be present in filing court petition. She wants to know if this is possible? Woman’s lawyer is saying woman should file dowry and harassment charges and man or his father will be called in her home town hence it will pressure the man’s family to file mutual divorce in her home town and accept her compensation demands. If FIR is filed how long it will go? If FIR is filed can man and man’s father keep getting bail and not appear in front of police in her home town? How seriously will the case be handled by police of dowry and harassment? FIR can help to speed up mutual divorce process? FIR can help to stabilise her life or trouble her mental peace too?