Marriage Issue

Dear Sir/Madam, I got married in 2014 and completed 1year now. We have family of only three people ie Myself, My wife & My Mother-(widow). Everything was fine till 6months.. After 6month she had small fever and she left with her parents to stay for few days.. I use to call her every night after my office and often visited her home.. After couple of weeks her father & mother start demanding for servant and asking my mother to work, though I’m ok with servant but I have told them that my mother will not work at home.. If I’m keeping servant for my wife then how can I ask my mother to do other work which servant will not do.. Because of this small issue they told me that you can do whatever you want but we will not sent her back. After that I have called her many times & gone to her home to discussed this issue but she never show up whenever I was there and her family was not understanding.. As they are rich people they are now not giving any positive response and telling that you can do whatever you want we will not send her back again.. She is working with good company and doesn’t want to come back.. What should I do in such scenario.. Please suggest. Thanks