My Husband has filed for the divorce and put false allegations on me in his petition

We got married in Feb 2009 and have a son who is 7 years old. Me and my husband has been living separately since Nov 2020. I have been living in abroad with him since we got married. I used to work there and has also supported him financially with all my savings for his higher education. We never had a great relationship or a happy married life. He has physically abused me thrice, but I could never ask for help or put any kind of legal charge on him thinking that his career will get spoiled. My situation became very stressful since 2019, when i got to know that he was doing all sort of fishy things when he was travelling for work. He travels extensively for work. I decided to move to my parent's place for 6 months for the treatment of my skin related issue and also to clear my head and think straight. But he had some other plans. He came to visit India in dec 2021 and filed a divorce case on me putting all false allegations while he was leaving India. He is not asking for the child's custody. He is giving me only 40K every month for me and my son. The amount was not sufficient for us, so I had to start working even though I was not fully recovered from my skin issue. He is currently in Singapore and hasn't appeared Infront of the court. He's doing very well in his career and still trying to get away with the alimony and the child support. I kept on postponing to contest his petition, wanted to give him another chance to realize his mistake. But now looking at his behavior with me and my son i these 2 years I have decided that I will contest this petition and want the court to punish such people who put false allegations on their wives because they want to live a free life and don't want to take any responsibility. I need your expert guidance in this case so that I can move forward with confidence.