My husband left me on 11 November and switch off his phone and his all family block m n block me on social media site also my mother in law and sis in law mentally torture me from the day of my marriage I had a love marriage from starting my husband support me well we live separately in Noida but when ever we go to visit his native place his mother says bad words about me to my husband 1 month ago my father in law passed away he was such a nice person when he was alive he always supports me as now he is no more my mother in law come to stay with us and started torturing me again now my husband is also against me 1 year back my mother in law already sold my marriage gold my husband brother in law is in good post like SDM so my mother in law keep giving m threaten of his post and suddenly my husband also started doing the same that they will destroy my family will kill my brother I don’t have any proof of it my Noida house is on rent and I got the call from owner he said ur husband said he will not pay the rent u have to pay it and I don’t earn anything even I don’t have father I am too much confused what should I do now for my daily expenses and where I will live I am 29 year old only I don’t have the baby and when my husband n his mom was living my husband always sleep with his mother