Police Clearence Certificate

Applied for PCC, Passport Office Kolkata granted the application on the same day but sent my application for Police verification. My Passpost was issued at New York in 2009 and valid till 2019 states me as single but now from Feb 2015 I am married. So accordingly I applied PCC and stated my status as married but on the day of the interview, the person who checked my documents changed the status in application as single and said that because my passport says I am single, my PCC application should match with the information on the passport. Now Police has already done the verification and informed me that they can't give clear report as I am married now and my application says I am single. He also suggested me to contact RPO and ask them to change the information and resend the application for verification. Accordingly I went to RPO and met with passport officer, he understood the situation but said to me that he can't do any thing as the system doesn't allow him to change particulars on the PCC application after Granting. He also suggested me to go to OC Passport Kolkata and explain the situation and request him to send a clear report, but I personally think Police will not give a clear report. So I am really and tiered of going to different offices to short out this issue which was not my fault at all. Please let me know what step can I take to get my PCC. Thanks Samanta