Mental harassment

Sir / Madam, Myself and my wife married living happily for 17years. I had medical issues before marriage and I revealed the major accident in childhood, 4 decades back, that caused the issues even before marriage. But 2 issues I did not tell since they are well curable. My brothers living abroad were not helping me over 25years still. I thought when I get married and my wife raises voice, I can take it as woman`s voice and force my bros online to help me. But my wife is not at all helping me in raising any concern.1 such issue got cured last year for which also I myself claimed online that my brothers are not helping. My wife was accepting me for all these years and we lived happily. But for 2 months now she brings up these issues and say I had fooled her before marriage and not treating me well. In anger I scolded her very much and pushed her away. I very much love her and still she lives with me but gives me lot of mental torture. I only want her to live happily with me. Can I file for a complaint only to redress her? I do not have treatment options in India and I tried many doctors for over 40 years.