Husband want divorce

Hi, Can i get divorce wife. As they have mislead us about her age at the time of marriage nd they are pressurising me to stay with her...we have not demanded anything from them...and they haven't given any thing time of marriage...but they are ruining my family image amf forcing us to keep her...and even my family nd my neighbours are pressurising me to keep her...but i m not happy with her becouse of her and her family members nature...They intefere too much in my business nd my working timings...that girl is much older then me...but at the time pf marriage the hide everything about her nd dint let me know anything... Pls suggest me something We dont have ny child nor going to have any any... We married seven months ago... From 3 months we are living seperate... No domestic violence act from our side... They are just trying to hamper my image and my family image... M not abe to adjust with her because of her bad nature and bad thinking...i want freedom... So that i can move on in my life nd focus on my business... Pls help me